Written by Chelsea Kozak, Photography by Evan Amzuri

Artist and filmmaker Julian Rosefeldt continues his elaborate exploration of language, cinema and individual verse societal behaviors with his latest film installation Manifesto, a montage of artistic statements from the past century reinterpreted through poetic monologues all single handedly performed by Academy Award winning actress, Cate Blanchett to instill thought on the timeless questions regarding the artist's and art's role in today's society. Over 50 manifestos are cited throughout the installation; words crafted by architects, filmmakers, artists and choreographers at the earliest moments in their careers, blended together in a poignant and breathtaking manner. Blanchett's 13 depictions range from a school teacher, to a homeless man, to a wealthy widow. The film was shot in 2014 in Berlin, Germany over a 12 day period, speaking to both Julian Rosefeldt's and Cate Blanchett's unsurmountable genius.


"Life is both the past and future but the present is art." 
 "Today is yesterday with its memory already lost."
"Well Cate perhaps this could all be dealt with if man was not facing a black hole." 
"I am for an art that takes it form from the lines of life itself." 
 "I am for an art that smokes like a cigarette, smells like a pair of shoes." 
"In the distance shines our tomorrow."
"To reiterate, nature is theft and he who reiterates her is a thief."
"Art requires truth not sincerity." 
"Truth never occurs outside our own selves." 
"We must create, that's a sign of our times."
"In this period of change the artist must play the role of the revolutionary."
"I declare war on all icons and finalities."
"Authenticity is invaluable, originality is nonexistent "
"You don't understand that one can be attached to nothing and be happy." 
"What we need are works for art that are strong, straight precise and forever beyond understanding."