Written by Julie Dayer

Boros Bunker, © NOSHE

Boros Bunker, © NOSHE



Last week saw the ending of Sammlung Boros’ second exhibition in Berlin. The Sammlung Boros is situated in a gigantic bunker with a heavy and chaotic historical past. While the bunker doors are closed for the next four months in order to prepare for the next show, we’ll go back on our favorite pieces discovered in Boros Collection #2 through a visual diary.

Between an antiaircraft shelter, the Red Army prison, a sadomasochist night club passing through a textile warehouse and a storage unit for Cuban tropical fruits; this huge grey concrete cube, designed by Karl Bonatz, was used for many diverse purposes since its construction in 1942 during WWII. Christian and Karen Boros purchased the building in 2003 and then transformed it into a gallery for their valuable private collection of international contemporary art. Usually visitors are not able to come and go as they please; a mandatory guided tour is required, sometimes booked two months in advance, in order to get the chance to be delighted with the collection. As a closing event, they opened the bunker for three successive weekends, to allow as many art lovers as possible to enjoy Boros Collection #2, featuring diverse artists such as Ai Weiwei, Alicja Kwade, Wolfang Tillmanns, Michael Sailstorfer and more. We were lucky enough to attend and can wholeheartedly say it was worth the expense! Up until May the 3rd, the bunker is closed due to the building of the next exhibition that we are eagerly awaiting to attend. 



Pictures by Julie Dayer & Lionel Fournier